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Farmers Offer

Original price was: ر.ع.1285.00.Current price is: ر.ع.1000.00.
We present to you the special offer for farmers to search and explore for groundwater to dig wells, and this offer includes the following:
  • WF 101 third generation device Specialized in detecting groundwater, the first in the world provided by the American MWF factory, a multifunctional device equipped with Arabic language that contains an advanced geophysical detection system, automatic results and a long-range detection system, the search depth in the device reaches 800 meters underground, and covers a front distance of 2500 meters, grants The user has a complete report about the water, its depth, its density, and the percentage of mineral rocks in the soil and voids as well.
  • Water salinity test device. Water testing device, through which several water properties can be measured: pH, electrical conductivity, dissolved solids and temperature.

Diamond Offer

Original price was: ر.ع.855.00.Current price is: ر.ع.750.00.
To detect precious stones and diamonds in the ground, this wonderful offer includes the following The GF500 is the first device of its kind in the world that specializes in searching for diamonds, emeralds, meteorites and many gemstones underground. It detects 4 different elements of targets with the feature of pre-determining the target type. The search depth reaches up to 10 meters and a front distance of 200 meters with optional systems. MF-90 device Versatile waterproof metal detector digital jewelry scale An integrated group specialized in diamonds and precious stones that effectively serve your business. This offer is submitted by Smart Wave for Detectors Technology  

Gold Prospectors Offer

Original price was: ر.ع.1150.00.Current price is: ر.ع.850.00.
Detection and exploration of raw gold in the desert, mountains and valleys On this page, you will find the most powerful offer for completing a successful process in detecting nuggets and pieces of raw gold, an unprecedented offer presented by Smart Wave for Detectors Technology: It includes: Spark Gold Nugget is specialized in detecting raw gold with a remote monitoring system, with front distances of up to 200 meters and a depth of up to 10 meters below the surface of the earth, made in America from a factory MWF
  • Professional gold and metal detector Garrett 400
  • (Garrett ACE 400) multi-frequency with the feature of separation and discrimination between targets, with a special mode for detecting gold only
  • portable metal detector
  • American MF-60
  • To detect small pieces while digging

Hobby Offer

Original price was: ر.ع.680.00.Current price is: ر.ع.570.00.
A show for amateurs to search for minerals (a show not to be missed) Buy now the professional kit for detecting gold, metals, and coins, provided by Smart Wave Detectors, this offer includes the following:
  • The TF MINI device specialized in detecting treasures and antiquities, with a front distance of up to 20 meters and a depth of up to 5 meters, provided by the American MWF factory
  • The advanced metal detector (GO FIND 40) has an advanced operating and detection system that contains four detection and search programs
  • Accurate identification of the target.
  • And the ability to control the level of search sensitivity.
  • Fun headphones to hook up to a device
  • MF-60 portable metal detector to detect small pieces while digging.

Professionals Offer

Original price was: ر.ع.2315.00.Current price is: ر.ع.1850.00.
“Professionals Offer” and prospectors for gold, treasures and underground minerals. This exclusive offer includes a distinguished set of devices and equipment to complete professional and fruitful exploration and exploration operations, namely:
  • A metal and cave detector with a 3D Ground Scope radar imaging system that gives the user a direct 3D imaging of the shape of the detected target with automatic determination of the depth of the target and the search depth reaches up to 14 meters. The device is small in size, easy to use, and equipped with Arabic language.
  • SPARK The advanced long range search device, Spark
  • It works with a smart audio tracking system for the target location, specialized in searching for gold, treasures and minerals. It contains 4 optional targets, namely: (gold, silver, bronze, voids). The search depth reaches 10 meters and detects a front distance of 200 meters.
  • The portable metal detector used while digging is waterproof

Treasure Hunters Offer

Original price was: ر.ع.1250.00.Current price is: ر.ع.990.00.
The special offer for amateurs searching for gold and treasures buried underground. To complete successful searches, we have presented you with this unprecedented offer, which includes the following: The famous Spark device with long range sensor system provided by MWF factory American, specialized in detecting gold and treasures with four optional targets: gold – silver – bronze and voids, with optional detection depths of up to 10 meters and a front distance of 200 meters. The American Garrett Apex metal detector has an advanced digital and audio system that contains wireless headphones, multi-frequency, and detects 99 targets for each target with a different identity, with a discrimination and isolation system for unwanted targets, and contains five specialized detection and search programs Portable metal detector, to detect small pieces while digging.