• Our sales department provides you with full support and accurate assistance in choosing the product that best meets your needs and your business with all honesty and sincerity.
• Our sales department offers you competitive prices being we are exclusive agents for all the products we offer.
• Our company offers you a guarantee for all products, it’s the original guarantee that given by the manufacturers of these products.
• The support and follow-up department gives you complete training about any product you purchase if you visited our headquarters.
• The support and follow-up department also offers you, after sales services provide you with the necessary support throughout the week within working hours.
• Shipping service is available to all governorates in Oman. We also offer international express shipping services to all countries.
• Supply all types of detector devices and systems.


Our company provides you with a specialized engineering team to detect and locate groundwater and artesian to drill wells, we provide this service to the farmers to support agriculture and eradicate desertification, this service is offered at a price that suits everyone, and is calculated according to the areas to be detected and the number of points to be determined.

Our team offers you an integrated report for this service as follows:

• Determination more than one points of groundwater location to drilling wells.
• Detect water quality and salinity.
• Detection of soil type which helps in the drilling process.
• Measure the depth of water detected
• This exploration service will be by using advanced scientific instruments, providing a complete and accurate report on underground water.